Mike's Road Trips 

                      "It's not about the destination...it's about the journey."


Welcome to the Mike's Road Trips website.  This site is dedicated to my motorcycle trips throughout Australia.  You can look up details of previous trips including photo galleries and maps from the menu above. 

My Current Trip - Solo Lap of Oz

This is the route I had planned to take.  Unfortunately rain, sleet and even snow turned it into this.  this map shows where I am right now.

After 8 days travelling I am back to the schedule.  I'll update this map daily so you know where I am.  You can also view the map in more detail on Google maps on this link.

My current rip is my solo lap around Australia.  I will post details about my trip from the road daily (or at least when I have Internet signal).    I will combine this website with interactive GPS driven maps that will allow you to track my movements minute by minute around the country.


I will also be posting reviews of camping products I have taken with me on my trips.  These reviews are based on real life field test and use of the products in a live environment.  You'll get the good, the bad and the ugly of some expensive, and not so expensive camping products and some handy gadgets and camping tips for motorcyclists travelling this vast land.


I will also review the places I see and the places I camp in, from roadside stops and free caps, to caravan parks.  I have a few loyal sponsors who assist my travels, but none of my reviews are coloured by these associations.

Photos are all up to date as at 15th July.   You can see them in the Photo gallery.

My Home Town

300 woollamia road woollamia

Track me by MAP

You can track my progress around this great country on my active track map, which is produced by my SPOT GPS tracker.  The map updates every 30 minutes and shows where I've been as well as where I am.