Mike's Road Trips 

                      "It's not about the destination...it's about the journey."

Suppliers to Mike's Road Trips

28 Central Avenue, South Nowra

General camping and cooking equipment.

207 Princes Highway South Nowra

General camping, tables and chairs.

2 Central Avenue South Nowra

Automotive and auto-electrical products.

147/167 Princes Highway South Nowra

General hardware and plumbing materials.

Norfolk Avenue South Nowra

Trailer parts and electricals.

193 Princes Highway South Nowra

Camera and electronics equipment.

44 Berry Street Nowra

Sound equipment and electronics.

Drone and camera equipment.

Lightweight and compact camping equipment.

Gas cooking and other appliances.

Day 8 - 21st May - Port Augusta to Ceduna

Day 7 - 20th May - Barmera to Port Augusta

Day 6 - 19th May - Culgoa to Barmera (Mallee Fowl FC)

Day 5 - 18th May - Apollo Bay to Culgoa

Day 4 - 17th May - Apollo Bay Lay Day

Day 3 - 16th May - Mathoura to Apollo Bay

Day 2 - 15th May - Bethungra Dam to Mathoura

Day 1 - 14th May - Home to Bethungra Dam

Pre-departure Photos