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October 2015

BROKEN HILL # NSW # 3-11 October 2015  --------------- The Riders ---------------

This was a short 10 day trip to Broken Hill in NSW.  I headed off with five mates for a 10 day circuit of NSW and some northern parts of Victoria.  The trip took in some fantastic bike roads like The Tablelands Way, the Sofala Road, Bylong Valley Way, the Warrumbungles Way, the Oxley Highway, the Silver City Highway and the Burley Griffen Way.  Joining me on this trip were some great nates who are also members of the South Coast Branch of the Ulysses Club.  Geoff Stumpy Blacker, John Mitchell, Chris Campbell, Dave Hindmarsh and newcomer to the group Eoin Peters all came with me on what was called my "Farewell Trip".  So named because it was my last trip before my knee replacement and I wasn't sure if I would be able to return to riding, at least the distances I like to do.  Accommodation on this trip was a combination of pubs, caravan parks and cheap motels.  The first stop was the Kandos Hotel a place we have frequented many times.  The roads through Goulburn, Taralga, Sofala and then the Bylong Valley Way are spectacular bike roads and we road them on a perfect weather day.  Day 2 to Coonabarabran was fun but uneventful until we booked into the Imperial Hotel on what turned out to be NRL Grand Final day.  The food was good, the footy was great and the beers were superb.   

Next day off to Cobar after short stops at the Siding Springs Observatory in the Warrumbungles and also lunch in Nyngan. Very hot by this stage and the wind was getting up by nightfall.  Day 4 was a straight shot into Broken Hill.  Sounds easy, but we went all the way with a 60 kph cross wind.  What should have been aneasy day was very tiring and not too much fun at all.  In Broken Hill we booked into the Black Lion Hotel.  $15/night pub room we didn't expect much.  But the rooms were clean, the beds soft and the beer cold.  At the end of the day what more could you expect for $15.













Things we'll see along the way

We had on off day the next day and did some local sight seeing and generally relaxed.  Some even caught up with a haircut.  Dinner at the Democratic Barrier Social Club was a highlight.  After the off day we headed south towards Albury and Victoria.  We luckily avoided a six bike ile-up while trying to stop at a rest stop for a group photo.  Chris may recover from that excitement (one day).  It was an easy jaunt, with just the one stop at Coombah roadhouse about half way to Albury.  Stayed in a nice Caravan Park at Albury and had dinner at a local pub. Day 8 we headed alonga  winding route roughly following the NSW/VIC border into Deniliquin.  We had generally been well behaved and had a few early nights until this stop.  I started to worry when we had knocked over a carton of beer at our hotel before heading off to dinner at the local RSL.  My fears were confirmed when we were still at the RSL at 1.00pm and Dave started dancing (I think that's what it was) with the locals.  A few sore heads headed off for the penultimate lap to Cootamundra.  This was a much longer day for some than others.  However by Cootamundra we had forgotten the lessons of the night before, or at least it appeared that way.  The last day home was quiet and a bit sad to see such a great trip with friends end.  Around 3000 klm of great roads and fun times with great mates.

Full itinerary

Day 1 - Nowra to Kandos - 440 klm

Day 2 - Kandos to Coonabarabran - 331 klm

Day 3 Coonobarabran to Cobar - 414 klm

Day 4 Cobar to Broken Hill - 456 klm

Day 5 Rest Day - sight seeing

Day 6 Broken Hill to Mildura - 299 klm

Day 7 Mildura to Deniliquin - 359 klm

Day 8 Deniliquin to Cootamundra - 354 klm

Day 9 Cootamundra to Nowra - 336 klm

broken hill